I’m an enterprise architect working for large investment management company in the UK. My job mostly consists of reading, listening, writing, and talking with only a wafer-thin slice of time when I actually do sit down and think. I feel that unless I start putting down some takeaway notes on what I do, I would repeat the same thoughts indefinitely without even noticing. A frightening perspective to me…

Apart from my day job chore I’m interested in Systems Engineering. In fact, I’m a member of UK Chapters of both International Council of Systems Engineering and International Association for IT Architects. There’s a lot happening in the fields of Systems Engineering and Architecture these days, and I periodically reflect on my findings.

I have some academic background. While ago I spent a substantial amount of time writing a PhD thesis on managerial cybernetics. Unfortunately, I was unable to finish the research for reasons that have nothing to do with the research itself. Currently I don’t have plans to return to my studies, but occasional insights on causality that only systems perspective can give is something that I value very much.

Finally, I do read a lot and sometimes I feel obliged to tell the world about a particular book that I’ve just finished.