A fascinating INCOSE webinar on Model-Based Systems Engineering by Rudi Hauber (recoding is available for members) provides an interesting perspective on real world usage of the SysML, i.e. an UML profile for systems engineering artifacts. Among other things, the webinar presents a full blown SysML model of requirements for a European Giant Optical Telescope (EGOT) that was developed by SE2 team that is “a collaboration between the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the SysML working group of the German Chapter of INCOSE, the GfSE“.

The model is publicly available on the GfSE website here. In fact, there are two of them: the telescope itself and a generic space system framework, which is work in progress to my understanding. Besides the models themselves, there are some additional background information both on the project itself and on SysML techniques. I recommend having a look to anyone interested in real world example of SysML modelling.