A fellow blogger Angry Architect wrote a brief post about his rules of engagement. I suspect there’s a typo in the first one, which should have been meant to read like ‘I DO care what your problem is’. Otherwise, why he would bother looking for an answer?

That aside, I couldn’t agree more. In short, (a bit rephrased for out-of-context usage) rules are:

  1. I do care what your problem is
  2. Don’t let me put words in your mouth
  3. If you don’t understand what I just said, ask straight away
  4. If I tell you something that’s wrong, tell me it’s wrong

Too bad, his WordPress installation seems to be broken, so when I try posting a comment, a error message about ‘CAPTCHA token file’ is displayed instead. My hope is that this entry will trigger a trackback and the author will know about the issue.